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Sherlock Holmes: A fan fiction

Background information

This fan fiction is set in London during the Victorian era, at the exact same night as Sherlock Holmes, Watson and Miss Morstan are heading for the Lyceum Theatre to solve the mystery of ‘The Sign of Four’. However, in this story, we follow two young boys, working with the Metropolitan Police to try and find the people behind the recent robbery cases where drugs have been stolen from pharmaceutical companies.

The Other Side of the Theatre

It was just before seven o’clock a September evening. The city was covered with haze, and a sad feeling filled the dense air. The entrances of the Lyceum Theatre were already crowded with people. Four-wheelers and hansoms were jamming the street, discharging dapper men and dazzling women covered in diamonds and gleam. These people, living in luxury, bathing in money, wouldn’t ever look twice at street boys like me. I walked away, further down the street, into a dark alley, where I found what I was looking for. I grinned. He was holding her hand while they slowly walked closer to the place where I chose to hide; turning their heads around now and then to check if they were alone. The dim light from the street lamps made it possible for me to see them from where I was. I had never seen him like this, his face lit up with emotions, with happiness.

“Veronica, come with me. Let’s start a new life together, get out of London, away from the city and from the people who might harm you. I cannot leave you behind. I am deeply, madly, crazy in love you,” he said.  
“Michael, I would want to, but…” Veronica hugged him. Michael caressed her cheek and kissed her forehead.
I almost rolled my eyes. Poor Michael had no idea what was going on. However, this was the only way to catch the culprits. I looked at my watch. It was time.
“When I saw you the first time, with Smith, I knew that you were special.” Veronica went on.
Michael seemed to be out of words. He just stared at Veronica. Closer and closer their faces went, like magnets attracting one another. He looked at her like she was the most precious being in this world. A look that could melt the most frozen hearts and attract the most elusive animals. Their love was a perfect case of bad timing. For an instant, I saw their lips touch. I looked away.
I heard footsteps and saw Wiggins with more boys behind him, walking towards us from the end of the street. They were approaching fast. I backed away a little, trying not to make a sound. I looked back at the Theatre; searching from left to right. There, at the third pillar of the theatre entrance, I caught her attention and gave her a sign.
“Well, well, well. What do we have here?” Wiggins asked.
“Wiggins, what are you doing here?” Michael said in a low voice.
“I have been informed of mischief, Michael.”
“Mischief? I think you are mistaken. Michael stepped forward protecting Veronica.
Michael seemed confused. Veronica stepped away from him and walked towards Wiggins.
“Veronica?” Michael reached for her, but members of Wiggins’ gang held him back.
Wiggins kissed Veronica on her cheek. “Great job Veronica, you caught the little detective’s assistant. If we are lucky tonight, we will be able to kill two birds in one stone.”
“I don’t understand. Veronica, what does he mean by; caught the assistant?”  Tears were beginning to fill Michael’s eyes.
“I am so sorry.” Veronica said, also crying.
“George, take her to the warehouse.” Wiggins ordered.
“Your family is waiting for you.” He added in a whisper, nibbling her ear.
She slapped him. George grabbed her arm. He escorted her away.
I went out from my hiding place.
“I thought you would act a little smarter than this Wiggins”
“Smith. I knew you would come. ” Wiggins grinned.
“Smith? What are you doing in here? What is going on?” Michael seemed to be even more confused, if that was even possible.
I just stared.
“Let’s just do this the easy way Wiggins. You already have me, let him go. He is no longer of use to you.”
“What is going on?” Michael repeated.
“Well, why don’t we let this detective friend of yours tell you about it?” Wiggins said in a mocking voice, not taking his eyes off me.
“Wiggins and the rest of ‘The Baker Street Irregulars’ are behind most of the robberies in London pharmacies that’s been in the news lately. He’s been making a business out of it. Veronica’s father, Inspector Jones from the Metropolitan Police, found out about his dirty game and tried to investigate the case, however Wiggins caught him before he could find evidence for the crimes.”
“Yeah, the bastard was lurking around our headquarters. I could not risk a policeman finding out about our businesses. Wiggins sounded triumphant.

“My gang and I have been stealing to deal all kinds of drugs from the pharmacies, selling them to the upper class Londoners for a very good price. I had no choice but to leave old Jones in the cellar of our headquarters, so he would not spill our secret. However, I wasn’t thinking that he had a daughter who was going to go on investigating the case. She went to you Smith and I know how what you have been up to lately; playing detective and solving cases for the cops. Suits you better than being on the street, you who could never steal a thing. You were useless as a street boy.” He spat at me. Shivers went down my spine thinking about my days in the streets.
Wiggins went on. ‘So, I threatened the poor daughter that I would kill her father if she didn’t cooperate with me. Being the loving daughter that she is, she really did do her job well, and here we are. I trapped you both and now it is over.”
I looked at Michael from where I was standing from. His face looked like his insides were going to come out. Michael was a great assistance at times, but he just could never keep his emotions controlled. “Over for you Wiggins.” I said.
“Don’t move, Metropolitan Police!” Inspector Jane shouted. Several policemen appeared with weapons pointed at Wiggins and the gang. “Get them. They are the primary suspects of the robbery cases. They have confessed everything.”
“You can’t do this to me! You have no evidence!” Wiggins face had gone from triumphant to dumb-founded in an instant.
“Smith, good job, we will handle things from here. Meanwhile, I have job to do.”  Inspector Jones said to me. I nod her goodbye.

When we got home I sat down with Michael and a good cup of hot tea.
“How come you didn’t tell me about it? I thought the two of us were suppose to solve cases together and help the police. You used me as a trap! As a bait! You used me Smith!” He said, almost in tears.
“You trapped yourself Michael. I have always told you to never allow your judgment to be biased by personal qualities. You lost all logic over your love towards her.”
Michael looked at me in disbelief.
“She didn’t love me…” His head dropped and I could feel his heart shattering into fine pieces.
“I am not too sure about that. Even if she did use you to free her father from Wiggins, it doesn’t mean she didn’t love you, but Wiggins’ had her weakness. She had no choice but to obey him.” There was a moment of silence.
“How did you know about Wiggins’ plan?”
I took a deep sigh. “Elementary my friend. After Veronica came to our office the other day, something was just not right about the way she was acting. She was too nervous when she walked in. I followed her after, and saw her talking to a man. I knew that something was wrong. She further went to nr. 314 in Baker Street and that’s when I connected it all to Wiggins. I’ve had my eye on him for a while now about the robberies.
“I was completely blind. I’ve failed again as your assistant Smith..’

“Michael, without you I wouldn’t have solved this case. You aren’t completely useless”. I told him with a smile.

Written by: Danielle Larizze Gallardo and Mai Masuda Gylseth


  1. I really like the atmosphere you created at the beginning, it immediately creates suspense. The dialogues were well written as well. Great job.

  2. So engrossing, I felt like I was in the story!
    You named the protagonist very cleverly ;)