Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Sherlock Holmes 
Something about Her
Written and Voiced by:
Ellen Chen, Orakanjana (Eve) Ariyapinyopas, Iris Ho, and Koung Xalavinai

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(Ellen Chen’s part)
Sherlock Holmes again took his syringe from his morocco case, adjusted his left shirt sleeve, and inserted the needle into his arm. Innumerable times this month I witnessed Sherlock Holmes doing this. Yet, what was more appalling wasn’t his use of drug but rather his puzzled face as he was injecting the deadly cocaine. Holmes’ face twisted into a scowl. He frowned and then got back to his papers. What can possibly be wrong, I thought to myself. The investigation was done. Although the treasure is lost, Holmes had succeeded in capturing Jonathan Smalls. So what is the true matter? That night we did not talk. It was around 6 in the morning when I woke up. And Sherlock Holmes sat exactly where I had left him.

“You had a deep sleep, Watson. I was afraid to wake you up.”
“Sherlock Holmes...Can I do anything for you? You look fatigued. What’s the matter upon you?”
“May we have a talk, Watson?”
“Of course”

“This is a very obscure scene, but as you know, I have very good observational skills. Every time I see your beloved one, Miss Morstan, I either see her under an umbrella and sunglasses. Indeed, it makes much sense that a woman would use an umbrella when the sun is too bright in order to try to protect her fragile skin. But how would you explain this when it is on a sunless and murky day. This is not very usual, isn’t it, Watson? And one day, a good friend of her visited me. Her name is Ellen. Ellen also told me about her abnormal actions. She mentioned that Miss Morstan is always very reluctant is expose to sunlight or any form of light. At first I wasn’t 100% convinced by Ellen. So I decided to ask Miss Morstan out for a coffee one noon. That day I called Miss Morstan and told her I will be waiting for her at a coffee shop on Baker Street. She came fashionably late by a carriage. She got off and immediately and rushed into the coffee shop. And when I asked her if she would like to sit outside, she demurred at the idea immediately. What a queer woman. I’m not so sure if it’s a good decision to marry her, Watson…”
(End of Ellen Chen’s part)

(Start of Orakanjana A.’s part)
I was astounded by Holmes’s deduction. Miss Morstan and I already made up our minds to become one another’s romantic companion, but to reconsider something so immensely sensitive? Miss Morstan, although always so calm and composed, even about this she might doubt my love for her.
“But…. That may be just her sense of style and a way to protect her fair skin from the sunlight. I acknowledge your expertise for the minutiae, nonetheless I don’t think that shall be a matter of suspicion.” I replied to Holmes’s after a long pause I made. I am afraid that I would tamper Miss Morstan’s trust upon I.
“Quite so, Watson. But remember, we don’t know her history beneath her innocent charms. I will keep a lookout for you,” said Sherlock Holmes. “You too, Dr. Watson, should not dissect only human physique but also the actions of your close ones,” he added with a concerned voice.
I had an urge to yell back at him for his indirect vehemence, saying that I am not so observational. But Holmes is the detective, he is probably the only one that is able to say such.
So all I did was a nod in reply.

The next day came fast. It was a bright sunny day perfect for us lovebirds to go outside. Miss Morstan and I decided to take a walk around the London streets. As usual, beside me, Miss Morstan held her pitched black umbrella overhead her magnificence and worn her sunglasses. Sherlock Holmes’s confrontation yesterday emerged in my train of thoughts, but I chased it away. The thoughts might lead to irregular interactions.  

We continued walking and talking normally, then stopped at a public park filled with vast nature. The blaze of sunlight never seemed to lessen, as well as my dear’s tight grip on the pitched black umbrella. We then chose to take a break on walking and sat under the big ol’ tree away from the sunlight. After sitting down, Miss Morstan laid out her nicely prepared meal for this afternoon.
“Oh! These look tremendously delicious! Can I give it a try?” I exclaimed corresponding to my growling stomach. “Yes, dear. I hope it suits your liking,” she kindly responded.
The moment went by peacefully.  
When our time at the park was coming to an end, we both prepared to walk back.
Miss Morstan pulled out her sunglasses that was tucked in between her chest and eyed for the pitched black umbrella.
“Miss Morstan, may I offer you a helping hand? I can hold your umbrella. You may be tired,” I promptly asked as she reached for its handle. She startled, maybe because I never mentioned anything about her umbrella before.
“No, it’s alright Dr. Watson. I appreciate your offer, but I am still not tired as you may think.”
I couldn’t help but start to wonder about her avoidance of sunlight, but once again, I brushed those doubtful thoughts away. She is my future maiden.

During the way back to Miss Morstan’s apartment, we stopped by the bread shop. She leaned her umbrella against the corner near the entrance, then went to choose the breads. After she purchased it, we headed towards the door, I quickly grabbed for the umbrella seeing her hand-filled. “Dr. Watson!” Miss Morstan yelled, rushed towards me, and accidentally dropped her wallet. Pictures spilled out, they looked quite timeworn and blurry. I helped picked those pictures up, and quickly grabbed one into my pocket, as she took care of the pitched black umbrella.
I handed back her wallet and she retrieved it with silence. What could possibly be wrong? I told myself to listen to my heart, but enthusiastic to go back and take a look at the picture from Miss Morstan’s wallet.

“Thank you for sending me, as always, Dr. Watson. It has been a delightful day,” she declared as we parted ways in front of her doorstep.
“My pleasure, dear. Have a nice rest.”
Then I hurried back home before she realized if anything was missing.
Once I got home I slowly took the photograph out of the pocket of my suit. Oh, it is just her and some other people. Oh, my dear Miss Morstan, she still looked exactly just like how she was today. I smiled just by the thought of how lucky I am to marry such rich, elegant, fair, and kind woman. I then carefully placed the photograph on my table and dismissed such peculiar thoughts I never wished I had about her.

“Watson, may I come in? Our landlady said there is someone here for you.” Sherlock Holmes asked outside my door. “I will be out in just a moment.” I replied.
When I opened the door, a young lady I have never known was standing there with a concerned look all over her face. “May I help you, young lady?” I asked.

“Actually, I just have something to tell you. First, my name is Eve and I saw you and a woman at the park today. The woman you were with….I remember seeing her when I was very young and she looked exactly the same.” she started to explain.
To my surprise, I was curious to learn more and invited her inside. Later, Eve told me that when she was young, the woman that looked exactly like Miss Morstan always came to her house. She always known her as a friend of her mother.
As we were conversing, Eve looked over to my table and took a glance at the photograph.
“Dr. Watson! This is my beloved mother when she was younger!” screamed the young lady.
“Dr. Watson, the woman you were with today is right beside my mother in this photograph. Right now my mother is starting to age, filled with traces of elderly wrinkles and white hair. Why is the woman whom you were with today still look exactly the same as before?” I felt a rush of shiver as the strands of my hair stood up.

“Eve, thank you for informing me about this matter. But it is late now, a young lady like you should go home before it is dangerous out,” I turned and spoke to her as my head was filled with anxiety. “Alright, Dr. Watson, I hope I am of help of some sort. See you around the area.” Then she left with the same worried expression she had earlier.
I relapsed and sat on my chair silently.

“Watson… I heard her telling about your fiancée.” I startled as Sherlock Holmes appeared beside me. I was so deep in thought and had no sense of his presence penetrating into the room.
“The young lady might have mistaken… how can any human appearance stay the same for decades?” I asked to myself aloud. I showed Sherlock Holmes the photograph I've secretly taken from Miss Morstan’s wallet today.
“Preserve it wisely, then, Watson.” Then he continued,
“This is a sign. It may become of great use of evidence to you.”
I gulped.
(Orakanjana (Eve) Ariyapinyopas writing part ends) 

(Start of Iris Ho’s part)
After a sleepless night with the disturbing conversations that I had with Eve and Holmes circling in my mind, I cannot stop but start suspecting that there is something even greater and more unspeakable of than the secrets behind the treasure of my fiancée. However, I still managed to come up with excuses for her that made me at ease.
This morning my fiancée and I had to meet up with the wedding planner for trying on the one and only precious white gown, which my future wife is going wear on our wedding day. She looked gorgeous and her beauty had driven my doubts of marrying her away. “Why would I risk the chance of marrying this beautiful lady who loves me just as much as I love her for the silly worries of Holmes?” I thought to myself.
However, after I returned to our fitting room from the restroom, I discovered something strange. Where are the mirrors in this room? I remember seeing mirrors in the other rooms on my way back.
“Where are the mirrors? How else shall my fiancée know how beautiful she is in the wedding dress?” I asked Iris, Morstan’s dress stylist, who was standing beside a smaller room where Morstan was changing.
“Oh, Dr. Watson, you may not know, but Ms. Morstan does not like mirrors. In fact, she ordered me to remove any mirrors in this room for today’s meeting.” She replied.
“Why would she dislike mirrors when she has such a beautiful appearance?”
“I know nothing Dr. Watson. I am just a servant.”

After a few minutes of silence Iris spoke up again. “Dr. Watson, however, I do have some observations of my master about this matter. There are times when my master and I walk by the shops that have mirrors. Whenever I noticed myself in the mirror, I never see Ms. Morstan near me, even if she stands right next to me.”
Iris paused for a little while to check if Morstan is done changing, and she continued in a whisper. “I am a stylist and I am used to working with mirrors but Ms. Morstan just trusted on others’ opinions, particularly mine. This is extraordinarily strange.”

(End of Iris Ho’s part)

(Start of Koung’s part)
Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. It opened gradually as I looked excitedly at my love Miss Morstan in the beautiful wedding dress that I never ever see before. It was a white tutu with many chiffon layer and a flat bateau, in hand with small light pink nosegay, head piece with long veil, her face, as always flowery, but today it was more magnificent. I was outraged with my desire of kissing her, but she stopped me with her nosegay hedging my face away.

“What are you doing here Watson?! This is the fitting room, a groom has to wait a bride outside. Get out!" She said. I did not even have time to say any word. She pushed me out of the room, then close the door immediately. I rushed back into the chapel rapidly.

I forgot everything, every sign that disturbed me for the past days suspicious of Miss Morstan. Sherlock was standing only five steps away.
I turn to him and said, “You will know how human Miss Morstan is”.
He did not answer me, but smiled with something in his sight. I gazed at him a few seconds then turn back to wait for my gorgeous bride again. The piano songs started playing, this was the sign that my lady was coming. As soon as the door was opened with the appearance of Miss Morstan, everyone in the church was stunned and yelled with gladness, she walk up to me and grab her hand my face showed every sign of happiness. During the time to give promise, we exchanged words that promise to love each other, then before the pastor indicating Miss Morstan and I to be one’s, there was a guy name Koung who carried something from the door through the passageway up in front to Miss Morstan and me,. It was covered by a blue silk and have quadrilateral with one hundred fifty centimeter seem like a big photograph in a luxurious picture frame.

“This is a wedding present from me.” Holmes said.
Miss Morstan smiled and said “Thank you, Mr. Sherlock Holmes. I am glad to be acknowledged by you. "She intended to hug him but stuck with my body instead.

“Thank you Holmes. Finally you are accepting my love towards Miss Morstan. Thank you." I said to him. We hugged. Then, he said,
“What were two of you waiting for? Open it!"

Miss Morstan and I meet sight together. She pulled the blue silk on the gift with me standing next to her. Because it was a silk so just Miss Morstan pull it lightly then it slippery away from the thing that it was covered. Suddenly it manifest to everyone it was a mirror. Everyone being confusing with Home’s presents and by few minute my eyes enlarge and the frightened yell of everyone. Miss Morstan did not appear in that mirror.

“This woman is not human! She has been dead for a long time!” Holmes stated.
“Watson look at me! Do not care other’s eyes, I am your lover! I am your beautiful bride! We will walk away from here, together! Hold my hand Watson, I love you! believe me” Miss Morstan told me with a lot of tear in her face, she walk up to me but I stepped back with shocked. My head was overwhelmed with the every sign that warned me. Then, I fall on the ground.

My hands were whisked to the pillar with the candles on the top of it. The pillar fell to the floor and one of three candles bounced to the blue silk and there were flare and lit up Miss Morstan's tutu. It caught on fire easily because of the chiffon on her wedding dress. She scream loudly and everyone ran out from the hall. The church was on fire.

I fell into terror. I tried to stand up but I could not, Holmes helped me up and walk pass Miss Morstan who tried to approach me but could not. Finally Holmes laid me out in front of the church, only Miss Morstan was left burned inside, I cried, yelled and tried to get in to help her but Sherlock Holmes stopped me.

I toss away Holmes then I ran into the burning church, it was hell in the hall. I shouted to find Miss Morstan. At last I found her crying in front of the mirror I embrace her and said:

“How foolish were I to leave my beloved bride alone, forgive me Morstan. I promise to love you forever no matter what you are”


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